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Factors To Consider When Installing New Stained Glass Windows

Factors To Consider When Installing New Stained Glass Windows

Throughout time, the stained glass culture has gone through many transformations, and now, 21st-century stained artists are transforming stained glass into modern designs that will be a perfect accessory to your home. Adding stained glass windows also adds color and character to both interior and exterior of your home. Picking out stained glass windows, however, have several factors to consider, including the colors, shapes, sizes, and designs, as well as the method of how it is to be installed.

When choosing a shape or pattern, you have to consider your existing windows first. Be sure that the patterns or shapes will fit in with your current windows; otherwise, it would look odd with the design scheme you’re creating.

There are several ways to install a stained glass window. You can either have a professional remove or replace an existing window with your chosen piece or ask them to cut out a new area for the stained glass window installation. Be sure to check at the positioning of your current windows before deciding whether a replacement or addition is needed.

If you’re not comfortable about making a new cutout or with your current stained glass windows coming out in your home’s façade, there are still other options to choose from. You can ask a professional installer to put stained glass window panels over your existing windows. The color of your existing windows must complement the current interior and exterior designs so that they blend in together.