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Simple Ways To Clean Your Stained Glass Windows Properly

Simple Ways To Clean Your Stained Glass Windows Properly

Stained glass windows are popular, not just in churches but also in many homes in the 1800s and early 1900s. These windows give beautiful color and light to a home. However, this decorative accent can rust, deteriorate, and sag if you can't keep them well, and cleaning stained glass windows can be a task. Don’t fret as we will tell you the secret on how to clean them properly.

When cleaning the stained glass for the first time, you must be careful and avoid using any harsh household products. First, start by lightly dust the stained glass window with a soft dry cloth. If dusting is still not enough, then it is time to see what type of cleaning you need to perform.

Once you know what you need to clean for the stained glass, check the label and be sure to avoid any products with ammonia. As you begin to clean, be sure to be gentle. Rubbing the glass too hard may ruin the finish of the glass.

Now that you have all the items together, you may now proceed to clean your stained glass. Start from the top to the bottom. Gently clean each piece and be careful of the lead holding the pieces together. If it is safe for you to clean the outside of the glass, then be sure to do so as it can help brighten the colors when the sun shines through.

Once you have cleaned all of the stained glass windows you have, it will look refreshing again. It may not look brand new as how it was, but seeing all the dust you collected on your towels will still make you feel great for your cleaning project.


Keep in mind to avoid any harsh chemicals or products, and be sure to be gentle when cleaning your stained glass windows.