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The Art of Decorative Stained Glass Window 

Stained glass is referred to as a colored glass used for making decorative windows and other objects through which light passes. All colored glass is stained or colored by the addition of various metallic oxides while it is in its molten state.

Though some of the tools have been improved in making stained glass windows, the craftsperson would still handcraft the windows using the ancient technique called Came Glasswork, which has been used centuries ago. The first step is to create an actual template of the window opening that the glass is to fit. Then a full-sized cartoon is drawn for every opening of the window and then divided into a patchwork.

Each piece of glass is picked for the desired color and hand-cut to match a section of the template. An exact fit is guaranteed by "grozing" the edges with a tool that can nibble off little pieces. Once the glass is cut and designed, the pieces are joined by slotting them into H lead cames. All the joints are then soldered with a tin alloy, and the window made weatherproof by forcing soft oily cement. After the finished window has been thoroughly examined in the light, it will be packed and shipped to its final destination.