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About Us

Vetrai d’Atri was crafted from the heart and soul of a picturesque ancient town in Atri, Abruzzo, Italy; with a vision to offer both classic and modern designs of handmade stained glass window frames using the unmatched skill and path-breaking creativity by our Italian craftsmen in the same ancient technique done centuries ago.

At Vetrai d’Atri, we don’t just deliver; we see to it that all our clients are extremely satisfied with our products and the service we provide. We value our clients the most by delivering them a finished product that is carefully crafted to achieve such perfection every client deserves. We take immense pride in striving to offer our valued clients with new designs of the iconic Italian stained glass using an ancient technique called Came Glasswork that joins pieces of hand-cut glass and then soldered the glass pieces with a tin alloy to form a durable, yet beautiful frame.