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Stained Glass Essentials

Stained Glass Essentials

Stained glass is a hobby that requires equipment. Most of the equipment can be used for both copper foil and lead came projects, while some supplies are specially designed for a particular technique. If you want to add stained glass as your new hobby, here are the following lists you need to start up your first project.

Basic drafting supplies: supplies like white pattern paper, a metal ruler, a pencil, and permanent markers.

Combination breaking-grozing pliers: You can either have both breaking and grozing pliers, or you can have a pair of combination pliers to help you break a glass and fine-tune unwanted glass shards.

Flux and brush: Flux is something you can use to clean on any surfaces your project that you want to solder. For brush, you can use a basic disposable one you can use to paint the flux onto the foil and lead surfaces of your project.

Glass: For beginners, it’s always best to use clear glass because it’s less expensive than colored glass. Then, only purchase some smooth, colored glass when you’re ready to create your first full-colored project.

Glass grinder: This is a must-have power tool that has a diamond wheel, which allows you to grind away any unwanted glass edges so the pieces will fit together smoothly and perfectly on your pattern.

100-watt soldering iron: This will give you plenty of heat for all your stained-glass soldering needs. Keep in mind that stained-glass artists don’t use soldering guns.

Project patterns: All stained-glass projects start on pattern paper as designs drawn, even simple sun catchers, so finding a pattern is the first step in any project.

Safety glasses: Choose a pair of glasses that you can comfortably wear whenever you work in your glass studio.

Self-oiling glass cutter: You can either select a pistol-grip cutter that lets you hold it easily in the palm of your hand or a barrel cutter that you can hold more like a pencil between your fingers. Regardless, both cutters have the same cutting heads.