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Nature Feels Decorative Stained Window Frames

Who says the bathroom is not a great pick for some extra décor? The bathroom is another perfect space for some stained glass window frames because they don’t just add some privacy without the need for bulky curtains; they also beautify the area to the next level. There are so many ways to add stained glass in your bathroom: you can do the classic route and have one right behind your tub, you can add a portion of it above your bathroom vanity, or add it to your shower in addition to behind the tub to tie both together.

Whichever style you choose, rest assured that our Swans Decorative Stained Window Frames are designed with the perfection that will surely provide you with great satisfaction. Each of our products is crafted carefully using an ancient technique called Came Glasswork, which is an old technique used centuries ago.

We also used different types of glasses to achieve vibrant, colorful frames you deserve for your taste. And since it is customized, you can also enhance the stained glass window frame with some text or quotes of your choice.