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Decorative Stained Glasses in Modern Households

Decorative Stained Glasses in Modern Households

Different design ideas of incorporating decorative stained glasses in modern households

Some people might think that stained glass is just great in churches and just for churches alone. But if you see how these colored glasses refract and transmit sunlight in various patterns throughout the space, you will then realize why many people preferred them over those regular old windowpanes, and why lots of others are getting in on the current resurgence. Decorative stained glasses are a beautiful statement that creates a great addition to any room.

Entries and Doorway

Entryways are sometimes hard to decorate, so this is another simple cheat to add colors to your entrance. This is great in making the first impression last for guests and visitors.


It's another easy way to add decorative stained glass windows. Be careful with the design choice, though, because you don't want the look to be cluttered. To achieve a great look, you better leave a clear window space in between the designs and having just the very top of the windows with the design.


You can also add a window to a hallway to add some natural light. This is an area that is not completely easy to decorate, so a decorative stained glass window is a simple design element to add.

Living Room

Many people might think to add a stained glass window in your living room is not possible, but it is. The stained glass can be a room divider, which gives you an easy way to add this feature to your home without renovations. It also is a versatile way to provide the illusion of having a larger room than it is.


You can add stained glass behind your kitchen sink in your main window. It is best to go minimal on the design to get lots of natural light pour into your kitchen.

Dining Room

It is another simple yet great way to add a little bit of style to large windows. It could be a bit unconventional because the design is in the middle of the windows, but that's what makes it interesting and attractive.

Laundry Room

A great spot to put a stained glass window is in your laundry room, where it gets the least attention when interior decorating occurs. Adding a decorative stained glass window will add elegance to the room without doing much.


A bathroom is another space for a decorative stained glass window because it provides privacy without the need for bulky curtains.  You can do the classic route and have one right behind a bathtub, add a section of it above your bathroom vanity, or opt for a theme and add it to your shower behind the tub to tie both together.

Home Office

A touch of decorative stained glass is an excellent way to keep the admirers of the design wanting for more. It allows you to have lots of natural light in your home office.